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Julie Ellis
PT & Child Life Specialist

Working with children has always been both my expertise, as well as my passion. My career began as a Child Life Specialist at LaRabida Children’s Hospital of Chicago, where my degree in Child Development/Child Health enabled me to provide both emotional and educational support to children and their families experiencing medical trauma, surgeries, and long term hospitalizations. Working in the rehab setting inspired me to pursue a second degree, this time in physical therapy. Upon completion of my Physical Therapy degree, I continued my career at Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago, now Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, where I earned the status of Senior Physical Therapist. 10 years later while raising my own children, I transitioned into an independent practitioner working out of my home, and eventually opened Ellis Pediatric Physical Therapy Clinic in 2016. 

"Being a mom has given me great insight into the importance of working closely with parents to ensure everyone involved feels comfortable with the treatment plan and goals for the child’s success."

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