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Our daughter was actively recovering from a major hip surgery when we found Julie Ellis. We were looking for a Pediatric Physical Therapist close to our home with experience working with special needs children. Our daughter has a cognitive disability and several physical challenges in addition to requiring attention on her hip. She needed someone to inspire her to work hard to build strength, but also someone with the expertise to tackle a case with several unusual factors including hip and back irregularities. It was also important to find a quality provider that works directly with our insurance company. Julie's office space is comfortable, clean and inviting. She listened to our goals as parents, but also created some goals for our daughter herself. Before long, our daughter was looking forward to her visits with Julie. She would give her a hard time but Julie found ways to redirect her focus so that their time together was productive. Additionally she assigned "homework" so that she would continue to improve through the week at home. When we returned to the surgeon for evaluation after 9 months under Julie's supervision, the doctor was amazed at our daughter's strength, endurance and range of motion. Her balance is very strong despite a difference in height between her two legs. Amazingly, her gait is balanced, and she has the endurance to walk and run as long and as far as she wishes. Thanks to Julie, our daughter is able to participate in her school programs completely, and even joined a soccer team for special needs kids, and participated in a cheerleading event jumping and dancing with all the kids. I attribute this amazing transformation to hard work and Julie's focus, expertise and care for our daughter's well being. She took the assignment and took it far beyond what was expected. We can't recommend her more highly. - J.L.

When the extent of our infant daughter's physical and cognitive issues became clear to us, we did not know where to turn for help. Julie Ellis's strength is not only her solid and informed physical therapy, but also her guidance in helping us navigate to a solution for her complex problems. The specific work that Julie did for our daughter includes developing her core and limb strength, correcting her significant muscle imbalance, and helping correct her severely pronated feet. Julie, quite literally, taught our daughter to crawl, stand, walk, climb up and down stairs, jump and run. Of the many therapies we have tried, and the myriad experts we have consulted over the course of six years, Julie is the only one who has been with her since infancy. Her absolute commitment to progress, dedication to excellence in her field, and genuine compassion make her an ideal physical therapist for our daughter. And, despite Julie's exacting approach and gentle insistence during demanding sessions, our daughter never leaves Julie's without a smile!- M.H.

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